Importance of Keeping Fit

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Why is health and fitness important?

Importance of Keeping Fit

It is important to maintain your health and keep fit as you are responsible not only for yourself but for your family. Children learn by example, so set a healthy lifestyle example for them by staying active. This is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Go hiking, bicycling, swimming, etc. Or you can help them practice for that little league team tryout and big game. The older we get the more sedentary we tend to become. We need to reverse that trend and become more active if we want to live long, healthy lives.



10/15/2007 2:05:51 PM
alana irvine said:

people need to start eating healthy i am sick and tired of seeing obese people walking up and down the street and not seeing them exercizing they are always driving in their cars or sitting on the couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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