Grief and Divorce

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Is it okay for children to grieve when their parents divorce?

Grief and Divorce

In many ways divorce is like death. It is the ending of family life as your children know it. The child no longer has two parents in the home, but one. In some ways divorce is harder for a child to deal with than the death of a parent. This is especially true if the parents engage in power wars and struggles, in which case your child gets caught in the middle. They end up being torn between the two of you, each one trying to outdo the other, leaving the child confused and distressed about life. For the sake of your grieving child, eliminate the power wars please.



8/1/2006 1:57:06 PM
larry said:

I totaly agree however when the other party plays games consistantly how do you defend yourself without looking like the bad guy. I aways suck it up but seem to end up losing the childrens respect, because I won't put them in the middle.


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