Single Parent Cruises or Trips

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Are there any cruises or trips especially for single parents?

Single Parent Cruises or Trips

In response to a reader's question, I am not aware of any cruises only for single parents, although I am sure singles can be found on just about any cruise. If you are interested in taking a cruise or trip such as this, your best bet would be to join up with an active singles group that sponsors trips and activities. Check out local chapters of Parents Without Partners or perhaps a SOLO group to see if they sponsor trips. Or get connected with other single parents and plan something yourself as a group. Since many single parents are on limited budgets, I am sure it is not financially feasible for a cruise line to devote an entire cruise to single parents. Disney has some cruises, which I would assume would cater to children that may be worth investigating. Or an Internet search for cruises and travel packages might reveal something of interest.



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