Your Ex-Spouse as Your Babysitter

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Is it okay to ask my ex-spouse to babysit while I go out on a date?

Your Ex-Spouse as Your Babysitter

Generally, it is best that you not use your ex-spouse to watch the kids while you go out on a date. This is especially true if he or she feels like they are the injured party. If they are not currently involved with anyone themselves, there could be a lot of resentment and/or hurt feelings. Do not set yourself up for problems later. If your ex-spouse knows you are out on a date with someone else, you may be asking for trouble by asking them to watch the kids while you enjoy yourself on a date. You may come home and find your children turned against you because of bad things he or she may have been saying about you due to their jealousy or anger about the situation. Basically, the less your ex-spouse knows about your dating relationships, the better. And expecting them to be your babysitter in such situations is rather inconsiderate. If you cannot afford a babysitter, try asking friends or family to assist.



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