Give Yourself Time to Heal

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Should I grieve over my divorce?

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Give yourself time to grieve over the loss of your marriage partner. It is a death of a relationship and should be treated as such. Do not jump out there and make rash decisions or rush into another relationship until you have had time to heal. Move on and forward, just don't move too quickly. Rid yourself of the emotions of one relationship before you go looking for another one.



4/3/2007 9:06:53 AM
Gina said:

I think we all need time to heal. Especially when you have left an emotionally abusive situtaion. Although, I also think one needs to not miss the best thing (person) that could ever happen in their lives if you don't take an opportunity to start dating when you have left an unhealthy relationship. I know we all need time to heal, but at the same time there is nothing wrong with wanting happiness if it presents itself to you. The fine line would be not to jump into having this person move in with you etc. Just enjoy going to the movies or walks or whatever.

11/16/2008 8:32:27 AM
Angela said:

I like this tip it makes some sense, but as a mother of two year old twins going through this, I find it hard not to seek male company at this time when am lonely, dissapointed, overwhelmed and low on self esteem. My experience is that when I dont have this boost I might take it out of the kids, because they remind me of their father and all the terrible things he has done to us.

7/29/2009 12:10:20 AM
Liz said:

This is a wonderful tip. It has almost been one year since my divorce and I have dated only a small amount. I feel that waiting till the one year mark before I date more seriously has really made me feel better about myself, focus more on my kids needs, and I have learned more about myself as well. I am proud of myself that it has almost been one year and I have survived taking care of my 3 kids all by myself. My ex on the other hand, rushed right into dsating different women, then married one he only knew for 3 months. I can see the negative consequences of his actions already in his life. Unfortunatley, my kids see it too. Another reason to take it slow.


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