Show Your Love

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How can I let my children know that I love them?

Show Your Love

It is important to show your children that you love them every day. One of the things you can do to show (and tell) your kids that you love them is to hide a note in their book bag or in their homework folder for them to find when they get to school. This happy surprise is especially nice if one of them is having difficulties in a subject and a note saying "You are doing a great job." or "I know you can do it" will provide much needed encouragement.



4/21/2007 4:20:22 PM
Nikki Carrington said:

This tip really comes in handy for me being a parent of 3 ages 9,3,and 3 months. My nine year old needs those reassurances as he is going through so many diffrent emotions with the new baby and the toddler getting a lot of my attention.


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