Keep the Faith

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How important is spirituality in a child´s life?

Keep the Faith

Not only do we need strong healthy bodies and minds, we need strong spiritual bodies. Don't' neglect feeding your child's spirit. Raise your children in church and keep them there. Attending church services should not be an option. You don't let them choose whether or not they attend school, so why should they have a choice on attending church. If they don't enjoy going to church, then help them find a church they can enjoy attending. Helping a child develop spiritually will reap tremendous rewards and help them avoid a lot of pitfalls.



11/7/2007 12:37:39 PM
firebaby1976 said:

Attending church should ALWAYS be an option. No one, especially children, should be forced to believe in something they do not. This tip seems one sided. There are many religions that can feed the spirit and they do not HAVE to be in a church.


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