Stay Calm

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How do I deal with an angry ex-spouse?

Stay Calm

If your ex tries to get you upset or angry, stay calm. Don't respond to his anger or engage in a confrontation he is trying to get you involved in. Be sincere and calm in your response. As the old saying goes, “kill them with kindness” (not literally of course!) Deal with the situation the same as you would with a hostile customer at work. Don't take it personally even though it is directed at your personally. Tell them you are sorry they feel that way but the situation is out of your control, the situation can't be undone, you are not able to discuss the issue with them, or whatever the rationale is. When dealing with men, remember that men are factual and respond to facts, not emotions. Getting upset and angry only fuels their fire more because men, by nature, are usually not geared to handle emotional issues, which leaves them even more frustrated and angry. Therefore you end up in a vicious cycle from which you need to remove yourself. Take away the fuel and the fire will die out.



1/7/2009 7:51:28 PM
Jennifer B said:

Excuse me! Correct the statement of "he"! It is my husbands' ex wife who rings, texts, verbally harrasses and abuses us. Stop stereotyping the ex male. i even cope abuse via verbal and texts. try seeing things on both sides. we leave her alone and wish she would only discuss the children not her opinion of our life!


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