Make a Bird Feeder

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Make a Bird Feeder

If you have a large pinecone available, tie a string around it for hanging. Cover pinecone with peanut butter and then roll in birdseed. Hang pinecone outside on the porch, from a tree or wherever it will be visible for the kids to watch the action. If you want, you can mount the pinecone with some sticky putty to a porch or deck rail or banister. If you don't have a large pinecone available, you can do the same thing with a toilet paper roll. Punch two holes in one end of roll and insert string for hanging. Spread peanut butter over roll and then roll in bird seed. Glue roll to a paper plate or mount with sticky putty to Styrofoam or plastic-coated plate. Hang or place outside and have fun watching the birds enjoy their treat. This will help teach children an appreciation and respect for wildlife.



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