Women Can Do Repairs Too

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What do you do when something needs to be repaired?

Women Can Do Repairs Too

Even though you may prefer to have a man do any necessary repairs, sometimes there just may not be a man available. This past year my garage door broke twice. The first time, my daughter and I repaired a broken spring. The second incident involved a broken chain and I was lucky enough to find a man willing to come and fix it. However, my daughter and I helped so we would know how to fix it ourselves if it happened again. Rather than have a pity party and complain about things, we have learned to find solutions. Sometime it involves doing things we do not particularly want to do, but there is a good feeling of accomplishment when we discovered that we too can do some "male" things. Not only have I learned how to make repairs, my children have learned that women can also repair things. It is not just a male thing. Of course, my personal philosophy still remains—a woman has to do what she can not get a man to do!



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