Single Parent Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the struggles faced by single parents?

What do you mean I am part of a package?

What do I do if I feel custodial visits are a threat to my child?

Is it okay to lean on my kids to take care of me?

How can I help my children get ready to go back to school?

Is it okay to confide in my kids?

What are some challenges faced by single parents?

How can I keep my kids from drugs and alcohol?

How do I start bicycling?

Are there any good benefits of single parent households?

At what age should you start reading to a child?

What is a good way to escape from the stresses of life?

How should I read to my child?

How can I attract a mate?

How do you define a single parent?

How can I ensure my child will love me if I do not have custody?

How can I help build my childīs self-esteem?

How can I go to school, work, and raise a family at the same time?

I have more month than money, what can I do?

What is the best way to deal with stress?

How can I compete with the other parent?

How can I combat loneliness?

How can I keep my kids away from alcohol and drug abuse?

How can I maintain control without getting angry?

I already have a college degree, why do I need to go back to school?

Does discipline change as a child grows up?

What can we do to alleviate boredom that is inexpensive?

Why is sleep important for my child?

Any inexpensive ideas for a day of fun?

What do I say when my child asks where is my father?

What are some of the problems associated with joint custody?

What can I do to relieve stress?

What are some of the problems associated with joint custody?

Is it okay to ask my date questions?

Is it okay to talk with my kids like I would my best friend?

Any ideas on childrenīs party games?

What is I receive a bad check for child support

How many single parents are there in the US?

How can I help my children feel secure?

How does a single parent working outside the home affect the kids?

How do I interview a babysitter?

Benefits to children when parent works outside the home?

Difference between joint physical custody and joint legal custody?

Joint physical custody vs. joint legal custody?

Am I neglecting my kids when I date?

Can I send my child support check with my child?

What rights to unwed fathers have?

How can I communicate with my ex-spouse if all we do is argue?

How does being a single parent affect you emotionally?

Is it okay to date at home with my kids?

Should I let my children know I am dating?

Why should I be optimistic?

What holidays should I be prepared for?

Any ideas for creative projects that will become keepsakes?

How can I get my teen to talk with me?

Is it okay to include my kids on a first date?

Should I be concerned if I see character flaws in my date?

Any new ideas for kids who like to play in the water?

How can children benefit from single parents?

Can anyone help me collect child support?

What is depressive thinking?

Is it wrong to expect things to improve with my ex?

Should I date someone I work with?

Are there any negative aspects of single parenting?

Is there any help available for buying a home?

Are there any cruises or trips especially for single parents?

What are some nutritious snacks?

Why do I get sick every time I get depressed?

How can I get my family to cooperate with my educational goals?

How can I make opening gifts more fun?

Is is okay to have a time-out day from work and stress?

How can I provide some stability to my family?

What do you do when life deals you a bunch of lemons?

Can I ask my child not to tell my ex something?

Should I tell my ex about school events and activities?

How can I find something to laugh about every day?

How do I deal with an angry ex-spouse?

How can I get my kids involved in helping decorate the tree?

How Can I Find the Right Mate?

Should I be jealous of the time my child spends with the other parent?

How can I deal with depression?

How can I fight against depression?

How does my attitude affect my work environment?

How can I get everything done before Christmas?

Can I prevent my ex from visits when he doesnĄĶt pay child support?

What should I do when visiting family for an extended period of time?

What is wrong with my teen smoking?

How can nutrition boost self-esteem?

How do I become part of the solution instead of the problem?

How can I make a better life for me and the kids?

Should I introduce my children to my dates?

Are there ways to show love rather than just saying it?

How can I get my child support collected that is overdue?

Now that the tree is decorated, what else should I do?

How can I learn from single parenting?

How can I find out about my childrenīs friends?

How can discipline be positive?

So what if you are angry with your childīs other parent-is that okay?

What can my kids do on hot summer days?

Should I let my children pick my future mate?

How can I better discipline my children?

How can I keep from neglecting my kids while I go back to school?

Are there individuals I should avoid dating?

How do I make joint physical custody work best for my child?

How do I get child support through Child Support Enforcement?

How can relations be improved between my child and absent parent?

How can I build my childīs self-esteem?

Can child support be withheld from a paycheck?

How can I make our holiday meal festive?

What is earned income credit?

How can I afford to buy clothes when I can barely pay my bills?

Why do I feel so sad and grieved?

Why do I feel like someone just died?

Can I do a good job raising my kids alone?

Why will my kids not listen to me?

I am overloaded, what can I do?

What if I cannot afford to buy everything my child wants?

Should I hide the fact I have children until later?

Will it help to develop a routine for my children?

Going to the movies costs too much, what can we do?

How can I encourage regular visits when they are rare?

Is clinical depression hereditary?

How important are fathers to children?

My child has big dreams, is that normal or okay?

Where do I find a babysitter?

Are there any other safety tips I should know?

How can I encourage my kids to be kind?

Should we be friends before we get involved?

What if my date is lazy and doesnīt try to help me?

Are there any other individuals I should avoid dating?

What about dating someone I donīt know?

At what age is it okay to leave a child alone?

Do I have to watch what I say about my ex around my kids?

What if Iīm afraid to make decisions?

How can I be evaluated as a parent, not just a father?

Does a single parent have to be lonely?

How does joint physical custody work for school-age children?

What about long-distance relationships?

Whatīs something fun we can do close to home?

Need your car washed and cleaned but donīt have time?

Is it okay to let my kids deliver messages to my ex-spouse?

Have I Found the "Right One"?

How is paternity established?

Can my child relay negative message for me?

How can I provide a reminder for my child that I love them?

Is it okay to expect my teen to help with household chores?

How can I eliminate things that cause stress?

How much house can I afford?

What inexpensive gifts can we give teenage friends, babysitters, etc.?

Am I ready to remarry?

What do you do when something needs to be repaired?

How does joint physical custody work for school-age children?

Why did this happen to me?

How can I encourage better spelling in my child?

How do you deal with anger?

How can I keep going without burning out?

Do I need to attend church with kids or can I just send them?

Is it okay for children to grieve when their parents divorce?

What steps should I take to deal with anger?

How does what I do today affect tomorrow?

Anything I should know before filing income tax returns?

It it okay to date because Iīm bored?

How about dating around my teenagers?

Is it okay to move the boundaries occasionally?

How can I make Christmas exciting after we open gifts?

How can I develop a good relationship with my child?

How much house payment can I afford?

What if I canīt afford a babysitter to go to school?

How do I survive holidays?

Isnīt religion the same as spirituality?

How can I help my child grow emotionally?

Warning signs to indicate something wrong with staying home alone?

How can I reassure my child when I leave him/her at the babysitter?

What do I do if my child complains about the other parent?

How can I make my childīs birthday special?

I must eat out for lunch, so how can I save?

How can I cut the cost of feeding my family?

How can I be a good single parent?

I canīt talk to my ex, how can we communicate?

What type of charitable contributions can we make as a family?

Whatīs a quiet activity my kids can do?

Will my child love me less if I canīt provide for them like my ex?

Is it okay to call my ex-spouse "names" if they fit?

How can I meet new friends?

Is it okay to let my teenager make their own rules now?

Is it okay to plan my dates around custodial visits?

How can I get my kids to help with household chores?

What should I do with financial documents?

How can I be a real dad on short visits?

How can I make my child feel this is their home too?

What if my child does not want to visit?

Is it okay to end a date with sex?

Why does my child need my attention?

How do I talk to my teenager?

Is bicycling a good exercise for physical fitness?

Is it okay for my kids to spy on the other parent for me?

Can the noncustodial father carry health insurance on my children?

Any more inexpensive gift ideas?

What About Gifts for Neighbors, Mail Carrier, etc.?

Is it true love or infatuation?

Are there guidelines to follow for blind dates?

How can I keep from getting over-stressed?

Do single parents face different problems than dual-parent households?

How can I build self-esteem in my child?

Does my attitude affect my health?

What are some good ideas for family hour?

Why should I be concerned about nutrition?

Any other ideas for brown bag lunches?

How can I get on with my life and stop fighting?

Can I go to school just for fun?

What can I do to help others?

How can I get involved with others?

How can I encourage my childīs spiritual growth?

What can we do on Christmas Eve?

Can the court take away my parental rights?

What can I do if I worry a lot?

How can I encourage my kids to eat vegetables?

What is the best way to deal with lifeīs lemons?

What can I do about tantrums?

How can I keep track of all the after-school activities?

How can I show love when I must discipline a child?

Any night time safety tips?

What is a quick way to unwind?

Why are boundaries important?

How can I make Christmas fun for everyone?

How can I afford Christmas?

What are power games and do I have to play?

How does discipline affect self-esteem?

What are some safety tips regarding using cell phones?

Any inexpensive entertainment ideas?

How can I assess the quality of a daycare for my child?

Is it too late to set goals for myself?

How can I verbally express my anger appropriately?

Does depression affect my basic health?

Should my kids also set goals?

How can I make our evening meal special?

Will better nutrition affect weight?

How can I provide encouragement to my child?

What is a fun way to teach my child the alphabet?

What’s a good way to get my kids to bed on time?

How can I minimize anxiety on my child with joint physical custody?

How can I help my kids understand they have not been rejected?

What are some other methods for cutting back expenses?

I have too much I need to do on weekends. Help!

Should I set goals for myself and my family?

How do I eliminate all the extra stuff in my life?

What is a family game night?

How can I pay for extracurricular activities for my kids?

What if I cannot afford to save?

Any suggestions for traveling with children?

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