Honesty is the Best Policy

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Should I hide the fact I have children until later?

Honesty is the Best Policy

Before you ever agree to date someone, be open and honest with them and explain that you have children. To many individuals, this will make no difference. Do not try to hide your children from your date, but readily introduce them and watch carefully how they interact with each other. Is there open resentment or hostility on either face? If it is on the face of your child, then the reason for it should be discussed with the child later. Many times it is rooted in fear of losing the love of their parent to someone else, or it could just be jealousy that someone else is taking time spent with the parent away from them. Discuss your intentions openly and honestly with your children and reassure them your love for them will never diminish. If it is on the face of your date, ditch them!



8/18/2007 4:43:16 AM
KC Single Parent said:

Absolutely agree. I have custody of my three kids, and when I would go on dates, I could kinda tell who was sincere about my kids and who wasn't. I since decided to join a free dating community devoted to single parents. It's at www.lovematch.singleparentscrowd.com and the members there all have kids, so thre is no "hiding" anything. My kids (being into computers) think it's neat, too, and they'll go through other people's profiles with me sometimes. Anyway, keep the kids first!


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