Planning Dates During Custodial Visits

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Is it okay to plan my dates around custodial visits?

Planning Dates During Custodial Visits

Planning your dates to coincide with custodial visit with their other parent may or not be good. It can be good from the standpoint that you would not need to find a babysitter, plus it would free you from feeling guilty for not spending that time with your children. Be aware though that this type of plan can and probably will backfire. Broken relationships tend to bring out the worst in people. If your ex-spouse finds out you are using his/her time with the children to date, they may do everything they can to sabotage those plans by not showing up, being late, etc. Your children can also end up feeling like an unwanted fruitcake being passed back and forth so the other parent can date. Avoid surprises and disappointments. Have a backup babysitter lined up in case you need it. As they teach in scouting, Be Prepared!



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