Go Slow and Proceed with Caution

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Am I neglecting my kids when I date?

Go Slow and Proceed with Caution

When you decide to start dating and have discussed it with your kids, proceed with caution and go slowly. Give your children time to adjust to the fact you are dating. You do not need someone camping out on your doorstep?every night. Your children need you to spend some quality time with them also. Make sure you have regular dates with your children. Go to the park, the ice cream shop, or McDonalds, or spend an exhilarating afternoon playing sports. Just make sure you plan some time to be alone with your children so they do not feel shut out of your life. Remember growing up can be painful. Having to learn to share your toys is one thing, learning to share your parent is another. Reassure your children constantly that they are the most important thing in your life and you will always love them.



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