Ditch Those Lazy Bums!

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What if my date is lazy and doesn´t try to help me?

Ditch Those Lazy Bums!

If your date is lazy, does not want to work, preferring to sit around and drink beer all day and watch TV, show him the nearest exit. You can tell what kind of husband he will be by his actions while you are dating. If he does not offer to lend you a helping hand in preparing a meal, cleaning up afterwards, doing some minor household chores, etc. be aware that this will change if you decide to marry. It will get worse! If he is only interested in helping himself and not others, then you need to help yourself and get rid of him. Marriage is a partnership, not slavery. You already have all the responsibility for yourself and your children, do you really need to take on another burden? Find someone who will be an asset, not a liability.



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