You Are Never too Old to Hang Your Stocking

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How can I make Christmas fun for everyone?

You Are Never too Old to Hang Your Stocking

Make Christmas fun. If you aren't able to spend the holidays with your family, make it a fun time for you and your children. Christmas is all about giving and sharing your lives, not about how much money you spend. Fill a stocking for everyone in the family, regardless of their age. Buy sample sizes of toiletries and wrap each individually in Christmas paper. Other gift ideas include breath mints, disposable razors, pencils or pens for school, notepads, lifesavers and gum packs. And don't forget to add a special Christmas ornament for the tree next year. Let each take a turn in unwrapping the gifts in their stocking and make a game out of it. Put a rhyme or riddle on each gift. Our favorite is to do a twist on the Twelve Days of Christmas song. Number each package with the rhyme so it will be done in order.



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