Make New Traditions

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How can I make Christmas exciting after we open gifts?

Make New Traditions

A fun Christmas activity is to hide a Christmas gift for each member of the family and place clues throughout the house. This requires some thought and careful planning. The clues need to be strategically placed at the last possible moment so as not to be found ahead of time. The first clue can be hidden in the bottom of their Christmas stocking. Good hiding places for other clues could be under a Kleenex box, candle, angel, in a book on a shelf, on top of the refrigerator, on the Christmas tree, etc. Use a Christmas song for your theme, adapting it as needed, and send each person on a treasure hunt throughout the house searching for clues. If there is an upstairs, send them up and down the stairs a few times and even to the garage. Everyone gets in on the action as they follow behind the treasure hunter as he goes from room to room searching for clues. A fun activity for all to enjoy!



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