One at a Time Please

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How can I make opening gifts more civilized?

One at a Time Please

To keep Christmas from being so chaotic and over with so quickly, stretch it out and savor the moment. For the past several years we have spent the entire day celebrating Christmas. The gifts are opened one at a time, with each one taking a turn and everyone watching while the gift is lovingly opened and admired, then it is time for the next person to take their turn. It teaches young children patience and heightens their enjoyment since it can last for hours rather than being all over with in 5 minutes and everyone's gift mixed in with everyone else's that you don't know who got what. Take time to appreciate each gift and enjoy the wonder and joy on each face as they open their gift. Hold the stockings back until after your Christmas meal, whether brunch, lunch, or supper. Save some excitement for later. Then do the stockings one by one. Don't forget to plant a clue for the treasure in the bottom of stocking to add even more fun!



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