Holiday Baking

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How can I find time to do holiday baking?

Holiday Baking

Cookies freeze well, so bake those holiday cookies early and freeze until needed. Plan a baking day and do all your holiday baking in one day while you have all the ingredients and cooking utensils out. While one batch is baking, you can prepare the next batch. The kids and I like to do this the day after Thanksgiving. While the rest of the world is fighting traffic and crowds at the mall, we are at home baking cookies for gifts. Let your kids help choose the cookies to bake. Prepare a shopping list of needed ingredients, and have everything ready for the big day. It's great fun and you only mess up your kitchen once but the results will be rewarding. You and the kids will have spent a fun day together and you will have a big head start on Christmas gifts with very little expense. And more importantly you will be making memories your children will treasure when they think back to their childhood and making holiday goodies.



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