Proper Discipline Adds Self-Esteem

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How does discipline affect self-esteem?

Proper Discipline Adds Self-Esteem

Article by Jan Wilson at SOLO for Singles: The most important factors that contribute to self-esteem in children is discipline and setting limits for your children. “Children who are not disciplined, who do not have limits, cannot grow up with high self-esteem. They tend to be more dependent and feel that they have less control over their world. Kids, just like adults, are more confident when they feel they have control. Children will run into disapproval and cruelties in the world. They need the physical and emotional protection of rules and limits for self-esteem.”



3/21/2007 8:41:34 AM
Nichole said:

Well when it comes to discipline i am curious. How do you enforce any type of punishment when you ahve to work fulltime and dont get ome till sometimes 7 or 8. You can't ground a child who is 11 and already begginning to rebell, when you are not there to enforce this. So please explain discipline to a single mother who actually has to work fulltime.


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