Have a Trial Run

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Should I tryout a new babysitter first?

Have a Trial Run

Before leaving your child for an extended length of time with a new babysitter, consider having a few trial runs of having the babysitter watch the kids while you are home. You can spend the time cleaning, working in the yard, sewing, or just relaxing by reading a book. This will give you a chance to observe how well the sitter handles your children and will give you some much needed time to get some things accomplished that never get done because of constant demands from your children. Make sure you feel comfortable with the way your children are being treated and that you are able to trust the sitter. If she spends all of her time parked on the couch watching television, or on the phone, you better keep looking. If you have doubts about what may be going on when you are not home, you may want to make a surprise visit home earlier than you had anticipated or with an excuse that you forgot something. Your children's safety and well-being are more important than hurting someone else's feelings.



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