Dealing with Holidays

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What holidays should I be prepared for?

Dealing with Holidays

Dealing with holidays is a challenge for many single parents as many holidays are geared to couples and two-parent family units. The most difficult holiday for most single parents tends to be Christmas. Valentine's Day is another downer. Be forewarned of the emotional challenges you may face during these times and prepare in advance for them. Do not let them catch you unprepared. Suicides are at their highest level during the holidays, so prepare ahead of time how you care going to handle them so you won't be the next victim. Make plans to keep yourself occupied and busy during these times. Start planning months in advance if you need to, and make sure you have a Plan B or C in case Plan A falls through. Be flexible in adjusting your plans so you don't get caught off guard and left sitting alone. The other holidays are usually not as stressful and as family or couple oriented as these two holidays and are therefore easier to ignore and survive.



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