Closing Doors

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How can I attract a mate?

Closing Doors

You are not ready for a new relationship until you have firmly closed the doors on past relationships. If you have hopes that one of your past relationships will return to you, others will detect it. No one is interested in someone who is unavailable or only partially available. Close the door on all past relationships if you want to move forward.



9/5/2006 5:03:43 PM
maureen said:

When I ended a very long on again off again relationship I knew at that time what was wrong with the relationship and went to a therapist to hash through what I wanted from life and clarified that I would never be satisfied with this man. I had many friends a job I liked and my own children and I focused on them and fun. In about 3 years I was feeling I'd like a special relationship in my life and a life coach asked if I would like to have a beloved ceremony. In a nutshell my job was to prepare my home to welcome the right one.Discard clutter paint garden esentially invite only positive friends to my ceremony. Those who supported my ideals . No winers or gossips. The ceremony consisted of shot vingnets from each guest about their relationship with me. There was a prayer releasing all these words to the Universe ,then we had a fabulous dinner. I was instructed to forget about it and go about my life and have fun. I felt a lightness and positive feeling . One year and one month later I met my beloved at my best friends 60th b-day party..I believe that by making a deliborate effort to understand past relationshipsand to learn about mysself. I freed myself to meet the Love of my Life.

1/20/2008 4:09:07 PM
Brandi Lee said:

I have been in love with the same guy for almost 20 years. I had given my all, sure we all argue and we had our share. Now I am a single mother and each day the quilt hits me for that split second that I should have stsyed and weathered out the storm. I would not be in the boat thai I am in now. Perhaps deep down inside I feel that he shold be lonely too.but he bounces from woman to woman. At the risk of rambling on, I was not broght up this way and to love was to laugh. I do still love him but when I ask myself would I take him back I shudder at the thought....I am not ready to share my bed, my life and especially my child with anyone...will this ever end for me? Iam nearing 40 and I hate the thought of having to be alone...forever. Is this all natral for a woman?


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